People Products

Ball caps and t-shirts with slogans like Sleeps with Dogs®, Dog Walker, Grrr and Woof epitomize the love and devotion we have for our dogs. Our caps are of the highest quality with special attention given to  design details. You won't find anything else like these on the market. Our t-shirts are typically made of 100% cotton and silk-screened in San Francisco. Unisex sizes for all caps and t-shirts.

Dog Toys

Dogs are so easily pleased. Give them a delicious treat and a fun toy, and they don't have a care in the world. Our Hand Puppets are fun and interactive and our Mon Bebe Parian inspired dog toys make playtime, fun time, all the time.


You can find our products throughout the US and abroad in the finest shops. Contact us to find a store near you. You will also find our products on Amazon under Barkology®.